Horse Walkers

ODON Equestrian is a name that is earned a highly regarded reputation for our horse walkers. Our walkers have incorporated many advanced features ranging from driving mechanisms, safety features and an overall robust construction. At ODON, we offer three different models of horse walkers and a water walker. We offer various surrounds and roofing options for our walkers and will aim to offer you the best possible service and advice tailored on your own requirements and reliant on our knowledge base that we have accumulated over the years.

10 Reasons to choose an Odon Walker

  • The most popular walker in Ireland and an established and growing presence in overseas markets.
  • Personal attention and most importantly an attentive after sales services
  • Diameter of up to 165ft.
  • A wide choice of design.
  • 2 year guarantee.
  • Brake, sprinkler and electric fence as standard.
  • Planetary gearbox (not aluminium).
  • Robustly built to last.
  • Continuous 5ft rubber belting on surrounds.
  • Canopy or full roof.

Types Of Horse Walkers

Economy Walker

Our Economy Walker horse walker has been developed as an entry level walker.

This model comes with as standard a braking control system, mounting for an electric fence and a cabinet control cabinet.
This model drive is transmitted through an aluminium gear box. It is tried and tested and subject to our normal 2 year guarantee. The Economy walker can be fitted with rubber lined surrounds or alternatively you can build your own fences.
Available in 4 horse and diameter up to 40ft.

• Centre insulated for electric fence.
• Hydraulic braking mechanism as standard.
• Forward / Reverse variable hydraulic speed.
• Various surrounds available
• Control cabinet to attach to surrounds.
• 2 Year Guarantee.

Heavy Duty Horse Walker

ODON Heavy Duty horse walker is our most popular model and has been developed for the professional trainer.
This model comes with as standard a braking control system, an electric fence, a water sprinkler and a water proof control cabinet.
This model drive is transmitted through an all steel (not aluminium) planetary gearbox with heavy duty bearings mounted directly in line with the walker centre shaft for maximum stability and efficiency.
We have developed this drive over the years. It is tried and tested and subject to our normal 2 year guarantee.
The heavy duty walker can be fitted with rubber lined surrounds. These surrounds feature 5ft rubber as standard with no joining. This provide a safer and more durable walker for your horse. Available also are varies types of roof.
Available in 4 to 10 horses with diameter ranging from 35ft to 70ft.


·         Assisted braking control system, an electric fence and water sprinkler.

·         Hydraulically driven with Forward/Reverse and variable speed.

·         Electrically driven walkers available.

·         Automation available.

·         A weather proof control cabinet.

·         35ft to 70ft diameter with 4 to 10 horse model available.

·         Hot dipped galvanised.

·         Rubber clad fences available.

·         Various roofing option available.

·         Robustly built to give many years of service. 

Horse Walker Surrounds

At ODON we offer rubber lined surround fences. Through our experience with construction of our walkers and consultation with our customer base, we discovered that using continuous (no joining) rubber belting was much stronger, safer and lasted much longer. We have also discovered that the height of the rubber needed to be higher than 4ft to give extra needed protection to any horse using a walker.


  • Outside surrounds railing 7ft in height and inside surrounds railings 6ft in height.
  • 5ft (in height) rubber belting continuous (no joining’s)
  • An entrance gate in both outside and inside surround fences.
  • Mesh to top of rubber belting on fences.
  • Fully hot dipped galvanised
Horse Walker Roofs

We offer both canopy types roof and full roof option. Our roof incorporates pressured treated timber and all the steel work is hot dipped galvanised for metal corrosion prevention. Incorporated in our full roof is a centre fixture that allows added air circulation with the walker for the comfort of the exercising horse.


·         Canopy and full roof available.

·         Pressures treated timber.

·         Fully hot dipped galvanised.

·         Can be sold as DIY kits also.

·         Guttering over entrance as standard.

·         Optional complete guttering.

·         Cladding (colour of choice)

165ft Horse Galloper

Our Horse Galloper is the biggest horse walker made in the world with a diameter of 165ft. It is structurally designed and guaranteed. It has the capacity to gallop up to 14 horses up to 30 miles an hour. Automation is standard with Horse Galloper.



·         The World Larger horse walker.

·         Structurally deigned and assured.

·         Diameter ranging up to 165ft Diameter.

·         Up to 14 horse model available.

·         Automation available.

·         Hot dipped galvanised.

·         2 year guarantee

Odon Water Walker

ODON Water Walker main purpose is to build up and relax muscles which provide physical and therapeutic benefits for the rehabilitation for a horse.
Available in various diameters


·         Hydraulic braking mechanism as standard.

·         Forward / Reverse variable hydraulic speed.

·         2 Year Guarantee.